Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Feet Friday

Artie Shaw and the boys heat up the Carioca in this live recording.

On quite another "note", so to speak, here's the Schnickelfritz band from 1942 playing an appropriate tune for the Thanksgiving holidays, Turkey in the Straw.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Schnickenkeschnickens remind me of Congress.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I'm not Artie sure of your usage of carioca here. Cariocas are folks that live in Rio de Janeiro - beautiful place - and have a particular accent, if not patois.

bruce said...

I may have only eaten turkey twice in my life, and only cold (seriously )!

Anonymous said...

I like some of that old style American music.
Found this site a while back:

Clog Dancing on the Porch


Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made

Just beautiful.
And all happening close to Paco Enterprises Headquarters!


Paco said...

Robert: It's a swing version of a dance number called the Carioca, which originally featured Fred and Ginger in the movie Flying Down to Rio.

Paco said...

In fact, here it is.