Monday, December 22, 2014


Your go-to post for ammunition in dispelling the myth that 97% of scientists believe climate change is man-made and dangerous.

Roger L. Simon, a former leftist who made the journey to the right years ago, locates the seat of racism in American society today, and it’s right where readers of this blog would expect it to be.

New York’s Mayor de Blasio continues to shine – like the proverbial dead mackerel by moonlight. God have mercy on the souls of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, two of New York’s finest. And may He comfort their friends and families.

It doesn’t matter: polls or no polls, fair polls or skewed polls, I’m not giving up my guns (and Second Amendment or no, same comment; the Second Amendment acknowledged an existing right, it did not create a new one).

Tom Coburn’s weird man-crush on Obama.


rinardman said...

... locates the seat of racism in American society today, and it’s right where readers of this blog would expect it to be.

A wild guess: liberals/Democrat party?

Will you give us the correct answer sometime, Paco?

Paco said...

R-man: Now, now! You'll have to wait to get your test score back along with everybody else.

Jonah said...

So I have been in email contact with Senator Coburn's office regarding his friendship with an America hating president who purposely does harm and I expect some groveling on the Sunday talkshows.

Paco said...

Jonah: I'll be watching for that.

RebeccaH said...

I want to feel sorry for New Yorkers under de Blasio, I really do. But they elected Obama Lite, so I don't.

Deborah said...

God rest the murdered officers. Mayor de Blasio should be recalled for his despicable behavior. He doesn't deserve to attend either funeral. That goes for Biden too. Add Rand Paul to the despicable list for sucking up to The Ol' Race Pimp Al Sharpton.

Hugh Hewitt was saying that a Florida police officer who was responding to a "loud party" call was shot.

Re:Global Warming Consensus Debunked. As author and former radio/tv host Larry Elder likes to say,"Facts to Liberals are like Kryptonite to Superman". The article points out that all the Left needs to do is believe. Who could forget the polar bear imminent extinction fiasco, or the penguin, orthe Garbage Patches. According to National Geographic there are two in the Pacific. Satellite imagery doesn't show the patches.The microplastics just make the water look cloudy. (*real estate for sale). If the Patches exist why aren't the Gaian worshippers out there cleaning those things up? It would be much better than destroying some of the Nazca lines as the Greenpeacers did recently. And then they exclaimed, "Oh! Look! A new shiny thing" as they ran off in another direction.

Veeshir said...

People who believed that 97% idiocy have only themselves to blame for being willfully ignorant.

If Dentyne could only get 80% of dentists to suggest sugar-free gum, how could someone get 97% of anybody to agree about anything?

I doubt you could get 97% of climatologists to agree that 97 out of 100 is 97%.