Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Don't worry. Based on some of his recent idiotic comments, I suspect the barrel is u-shaped.

"Bush fires starting pistol for 2016".


bruce said...

Lot of circus in your politics isn't there. Tocqueville approved I think.

JeffS said...

More like lots of clowns in the circus that encompasses our politics, Brice.

RebeccaH said...

They're not even good at being clowns.

Veeshir said...

That's U-shaped thing?
That's the handle on the hnadbasket.

Sure the circuses are fun Jeff, but we're running outta bread.

JeffS said...

But we'll never run out of clowns, Veeshir.


HAL 9000 said...

No more Bushes.
No more Cllintons.
No more dynasties.
No more incompetents learning on the job (and failing to learn).
I could go on, but I cannot spend a week on this one comment.