Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Professor A**hole

The modern day Harvard Man.

In short, the perfesser got overcharged by $4 for Chinese food and has threatened legal action.

After looking at the photos of both men (Harvard and the restaurant manager), I suggest a mixed martial arts, cage death match to settle the matter. Winner gets to display the loser’s skull in the window of his restaurant.


rinardman said...

If I were a student in one of his classes, I'd be threatening legal action over being overcharged, too.

RebeccaH said...

Name one professor in the news lately who isn't an a**hole.

Joseph Bridges said...

If you manage to set up that cage death match, I’ll take Ran Duan FTW, and give three-to-one odds…

I think the Prof has already lost the e-mail match and the whole deal, on points alone, though – Sichuan Gardens is apparently standing-pat while awaiting adjudication by “proper authorities”, whom it seems are rather likely to tell the Prof to settle for whatever Ran is still willing to refund, and otherwise stop wasting everyone’s time and bandwidth.

Meanwhile, as a clear-cut “serial offender” (turns out he tried some similar shit on a place call Osushi about three years ago, and got drop-kicked), the Prof should probably plan on staying away from ordering food via the Web for a good long time – maybe permanently.

All too easy for food preparers to – heh! – deliver a li’l something “extra” when offended, y’know?

Paco said...

Joseph: That's why, when it comes to restaurants, I keep my complaints to myself - at least until after I've finished!