Monday, January 5, 2015

A man to watch

Eric Cantor’s replacement in Virginia’s 7th congressional district, David Bratt, explains why he will not be supporting John Boehner for the speakership position.

Elsewhere, the Senate’s head tribble, Mitch McConnell, believes that the biggest challenge facing Republicans is to avoid being “scary”. He is also smugly confident that the establishment will be able to swat down primary opponents. “We will win all the primaries”, he simpered, while stroking the fat Persian cat on his lap and nibbling a Metamucil wafer. “We did it in ’14. We will do it in ’16.” (Ok, I made up the bit about the cat and the Metamucil wafer, but you know that’s probably how it went down).

Thus do we oppose the anti-American revolutionary socialism of this imperial presidency: with milksops who look upon their offices as sinecures, and who view the optimal political situation as being becalmed in a sea of perpetual inutility.


RebeccaH said...

No law should EVER be passed without sufficient time for all members of Congress to consider it, and there should be a limit to the size of the bill.

Robert of Ottawa said...

According to Reuters, Obomber's lapdog has been re-elected speaker. A bad day.