Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oops! My bad.

I've criticized Obama for not attending the anti-terrorism rally in Paris, but new evidence indicates that he was, in fact, there.

Sorry about that, Barry!

(H/T: Moonbattery).


rinardman said...

Don't think he was there for the rally.

He was just playing through.

RebeccaH said...

He probably thought all that turnout was for him.

mojo said...

He played through.

Minicapt said...

With the mentions of Mohammed, he thought it might be a sand trap.


Robert of Ottawa said...

I've heard some good ones:

1. It wasn't about him
2. It was opposing Muslims
3. He didn't have the time to set up the security
4. There was an important football game on at home
5. Netanyahu would be there
6. So would that awful Brit Cameron

bruce said...

A rare foray by James Lileks, he's got a demonstration of how the msm reporting formula works: