Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Barack Obama: feckless as a chief of state, useless as an ally

"Obama Refused to Give Jordan, Egypt Information on ISIS Targets".

Note the photo that accompanies the linked post: all those trucks filled with ISIS terrorists - a parade, for cryin' out loud - and not a rocket or bomb in sight.

Update: More militant Muslim savagery folks committing random acts of violence, as ISIS psychopaths reportedly burn 45 people alive in Iraq.


RebeccaH said...

Obama is worse than useless as an ally. He's an active danger to them. And to us. And he doesn't give two whoops that we know how much contempt he has for us.

rinardman said...

Have you ever thought that it's all just an act, and Obo will soon reveal his true character...one that would make Reagan seem like a wishy-washy beta male?

Minicapt said...



bruce said...

He isn't used to making decisions which aren't covered by the 'progressive code'.