Thursday, February 26, 2015

Forget about Guantánamo

How about closing Homan Square, Chicago?

Has anybody questioned mayor Rahm Emanuel about Chicago’s version of the Lubyanka? I mean, how does an interrogation facility - where the violation of civil rights is a feature, not a bug - fit in with all the traditional liberal blather about police brutality and due process?


Minicapt said...

1. It's the Guardian, in its US special disguise. The only evidence cited is from the various lawyers, and apparently they are all members of the "National Lawyers Guild" which which is not Communist because they say so.
2. It's written by Spencer Ackerman who is a 'JournaList' and writes much of things he does not know.
3. Remember that the Monbiot exemplifies the Guardian.

It is highly probable that there is no new info in the story, that every item mentioned has been publish in a Chicago news organ in the recent past, and that the purpose is to throw rocks at the Chicago Police Department.


Paco said...

All true; however, Chicago has a very long history of police wrongdoing (indisputably, the former police commander John Burge was convicted of lying about police torture, as reported in the Chicago Tribune). So, grain of salt and all, it still looks like a story worth pursuing.

JeggS said...

Having lived in Chicago, and having known a few Chicago cops, I can safely say that Chicago cops can be brutal and corrupt.

I can't say about this latest allegation, but it is certainly possible. Remember that Chicago politicians are EXPECTED to be corrupt. Cops can't be far behind.

JeffS said...

Make that JeffS .... danged mobile touchscreen!!!

Minicapt said...

Granted, but I want a reliable report, not the Guardian, not Ackerman. Melissa Harris Perry at MSNBC might be an improvement.