Sunday, February 15, 2015

Louis Jourdan, RIP

Suave ladies' man Louis Jourdan has died at the age of 93. While the French actor starred and/or appeared in many famous films - most notably Gigi - I will remember him best as...Swamp Thing.


bruce said...

Well I liked that. Totally new to me. Here's Louis Jordan as Dr Arcane in the movie:

He oozes style, and that movie has great atmosphere in the quiet bits.

Are your swamps infested with leeches like ours are? I'm still trying to find a good leech repellent.

Paco said...

I've never seen a leech, but I imagine we must have them. The swamps here are mostly infested with snakes, mosquitoes and ticks.

I have no idea what possessed the debonair Jourdan to take on the role of Swamp Thing. It's probably the most counter-intuitive bit of casting ever.