Friday, March 20, 2015

Hillary addresses the deficit

The “fun deficit”, that is.
Hillary Rodham Clinton says the nation's political class could use "camps for adults" to foster cooperation but too many leaders get backed into partisan corners and refuse to work together.
Ace has a ton of fun with Hillary’s fun camps. And here's a video which captures this unique idea...

Spaß macht frei!

Now, a couple of things about these fun camps:

1) Attendance will probably be mandatory, since this idea is being floated by a Democrat, and

2) “Fun” will be defined by statute or (more likely) by an executive order, and in such a way as to completely alter the original meaning of the word.

Hillary envisions these camps to be primarily for members of the elected class, in order to counter excessive partisanship. The Book of Suggested Activities practically writes itself.

- The Establishment Republican trust challenge: a conservative senator or congressman – let’s say Ted Cruz - will be encouraged to fall backward into the arms of establishment Republicans like John Boehner and John McCain, who, at the last moment, will stick their hands in their pockets.

- The Taxpayer Fleecing Game: an effigy of a taxpayer is suspended at the end of a rope or cable. The effigy's pockets are stuffed with cash; however, the effigy has numerous little bells attached to it. Democrats and Republicans pair off into bipartisan teams, and the duo that lifts the most cash without ringing the bells wins.

- The quarter-mile Donation Dash: an equal number of Republicans and Democrats chase a mechanical lobbyist around an oval track.

Feel free to make your own team-building suggestions in the comments section.


RebeccaH said...

Race Baiting For Fun and Profit

Democrats Dialing For Dollars

The First (or Fifty-Second) Joe Biden Grope-Off

Jonah said...

Bobbing for Barney's Apples on LTBG
day. (mandatory)

Jonah said...

Movie night with Nurse Ratched watchfully monitoring the applause sign.

bruce said...

No one may leave till they've had a 'personal transformation'.

JeffS said...

Tar and feathering everyone in the Obama administration, and then exiling them to North Korea.

missred said...

Only if I can put honey and string all over her cabin while she is sleeping.

RebeccaH said...

Im just surprised that nobody thought of "Actually Sleeping With Bill' (and whatever he picked up sleeping with whoever - discounting his government-funded medical care, of course).