Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday funnies

Taking off on Rachel Dolezal - the white NAACP official who falsely claimed to be black - the hilarious, and obviously Caucasian, Godfrey Elfwick declares himself to be black and duels with a host of correspondents on Twitter (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

I'm grateful to this guy for showing me another way of getting out of jury duty.

Guardian angels sometimes really have their work cut out for them.

This is the one lottery I truly want to win.

The world's coolest water slide.

Amazing (and generally useless) gifts for the person who has everything.

Are country music songs starting to all sound the same to you?

So, kangaroos are supposedly genetically similar to humans (although I suspect this is some kind of Australian promotional scheme).


Veeshir said...

Are country music songs starting to all sound the same to you?

That's been known for a long time, just ask Bubba Bo Bob Brain.

Brain wrote the algorithm for a successful country/western career and came this close (holds two fingers very closely together) to taking over the world.


smitty1e said...

I credit Rachel with giving me the most innovative Presidential ticket idea yet.

bruce said...

"Kangaroos first evolved in China, but migrated across the Americas to Australia"

See you guys (oops sexist) could have had Kangaroos, but no you didn't seize the opportunity while they were passing through. You let them get away.

Paco said...

Bruce: Guess we dodged that bullet.

Mikael said...

Does this mean that I can finally self-identify as a kangaroo and have my ID changed accordingly? About bloody time, if you ask me. The kangaroophobia in this day and age is grueling for us trans-wallabies. (We're many more than you might think, by the way!)

Steve at the Pub said...

Funny you should mention our cousins the Kangaroos. The similarities between the upper torso of a roo, and that of a well built human male, are quite stark.

Not sure which branch of the family is the most evolved though. A mob of roos usually display a far higher average maturity level than a pack of humans (think: occupy, swampys at a protest march, left wing academics with a twitter account - yep y'all got the picture!)

Paco said...

Trans-wallabies? I congratulate you on your courage for "coming out".

Robert of Ottawa said...

Oh boy, that modern country.

I used to like the days when everything fell to pieces and one survived, eventually. I always refer to a particularly bad period in my life as when my life became a country music song.

Patsy Kline, where are you?

Robert of Ottawa said...

But she's a woman, Paco! She has the the duty to be the first woman president. It will take 100 years to get rid of all the symbolic candidates, such as transgendered, trans-sexual, trans-racial trans-oceanic, trans-species, trans-national, trans-intelligent (oh, wait, that's already been done ... no, no, give Biden his turn).

Surely the mattress girl must have her day as president!

rinardman said...

...the government-backed Center of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics said.

Really? That's a thing, in Australia? Is that where they do eugenics for kangaroos, or what?

Actually, I can believe we're related. That would explain the pouch like protuberance I've developed on my front side as I've gotten older.

bruce said...

Yes, R Man, that sure was a thing down here for a while. Very embarrassing now to recall, might as well have 'centres of sublimation and exultation'.

What I love on bushwalks is finding wallabie tracks and putting a big circle round them like they're yeti or something. Because the first time you see them you're initially scared out of your wits at what looks like a fresh dinosaur footprint: