Friday, July 24, 2015

Go, Ted!

Ted Cruz denounced Mitch McConnell as a tool of crony capitalists and a liar on the very floor of the U.S. Senate!

Outstanding. We need more politicians who are willing to take the fight directly to the frauds who sit atop the power structure of the GOP.

Update: And to underscore Ted Cruz's point, along comes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with a plan to target conservative legislators in the primaries.


bruce said...

Finally we may be hearing the voice of the silent majority. (Silent because they've been misled and up till now have been confused).

Mikael said...

I have liked Ted Cruz from the minute he announced his candidacy,
and every time he opens his mouth I like him even more.
The world needs a fearless leader like him to do some desperately needed damage repair after the, seemingly endless, malaise years under Obama.

Please tell me that you are going to vote next fall. Doesn't necessarily have to be for Cruz, just ABC (anyone but Clinton.)

rinardman said...

Well, Mikael, right now there are several that I would be happy to vote for, and a couple that I'd hold my nose and vote for, and one or two that I'd have to take a pass on. Let's just hope it's the former, not the latter.

Cruz/Fiorina or Walker/Fiorina would be my favorites at the moment.

RebeccaH said...

I like Walker/Fiorina. That would be a formidable team.

HAL9000 said...

I've favored Jindal for a long time. Walker would be good, and Perry looks better than before to me on account of his economic success in Texas. After reading a piece on Powerline about Fiorina in Iowa, she looks better to me. I had not favored her because she has no political experience. Cruz is good too, but his denunciation of Mitchell will intensify the establishment's opposition to him. He may have difficulty raising money.

People are looking for an outsider, but such a person has to be able to work politically in order to get reforms through. That is why I mainly favor governors. My doubts about Cruz are based on his being a freshman senator; surely Obumbler is a warning that such people are not ready for the WH. I'm generally not in favor of businesspeople running for the top job, because politics doesn't run quite the way business does. For one thing, in business you can fire poor performers. Try that with gummint. Fiorina seems able to hold her own on the stump and has a spectacular personal story. I'd make an exception for her, either for VP or the top job.

I'd be willing to vote for just about any Pack to keep Shrillary out of the White House. For some, like Christie, I'd have to hold my nose. For the Donald, I'd have to put a C-clamp over it.

Mikael said...

Fiorina as VP sounds interesting. A conservative pres. could send her out to do the "wet work" in drastically slimming the federal bureaucracy. I'm sure she would sleep well at night, taking comfort in the thought of a good day's work sending 100.000 top bosses on food stamps. And that another 100.000 is the minimum goal the next day. And that four years equals 1460 days. Times a 100.000....

You know, if she doesn't get elected, perhaps she could be persuaded to move here to Denmark and run for prime-minister. That is a thought that would warm my old, cynical heart!

Paco said...

Mikael: we're not ready to let someone that talented go, yet!