Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday funnies

How Jurrasic World should have ended.

Undergraduate major in sociology: "Hey, if I can't find a job in my field, I can always work in a burger joint. How hard can that be?"

Burger joint manager: "You're fired."

One hungry dog.

If you're drunk, don't drive. Or use your cell phone.


RebeccaH said...

I admit, I laughed all the way through the Jurassic Park mashup.

JeffS said...

Was that a Five Guys burger, Paco? Either way, BLASPHEMY!

rinardman said...

You could say he was thinking outside the bun.

bruce said...

It needs a toothpick. No arugula?

Bill Posters is innocent was a common graffiti around Sydney 40 years ago. Before the spray cans took over. Anyway one night some religious cult plastered the whole main street with posters: 'The world ends in 1976!'.

The group is still going, run by women: (Ladies are allowed to change their minds, ok?)

Believe it or not!

bruce said...

El Chapo (guappo?) has waded into the presidential campaign versus Bull Moose Trump. Things are getting interesting. You've got to admire the skill of Bernie Sanders too, even while disagreeing with everything he says, he's an old-fashioned rabble-rouser who avoids the shrillness of say Howard Dean. There's life in the arena.

Paco said...

I do, indeed, disagree with Bernie Sanders, but I will do him the credit of saying that I believe he means what he says.