Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yeah, that'll send a clear message to the terrorists

Navy Lieutenant Commander (and hero, in my book) Timothy White, who fired back at that jihadist creep in Chattanooga, is going to be charged with illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

Read it and weep (or, better, read it and protest vigorously).

Navy's new motto: Damn the torpedoes and run like hell.


rinardman said...

I guess we can conclude that if Lt. White had killed the bastard, he would be facing murder charges.

It gets harder & harder to be sane in an insane world.

bruce said...

Oh for crying out loud!

JeffS said...

Sorry to be a pendant, but ... it's Lieutenant COMMANDER White.

Out of respect, you must understand.

Jonah said...

Even 'In the Navy' by the Village People is too warlike for our current SecNav.

"Come on be bold take a stand!"

RebeccaH said...

If you look down through the comments to Col. West's article, you'll find links to Sec. Carter's Facebook page, and the SecNav's email account. I've already sent my protests to them.

Paco said...

Jeff: fixed it. Thanks.

JeffS said...

Thank YOU, Paco!

The unfortunate part is that personal firearms are prohibited -- by law -- from federal properties. ALL federal properties, including leased. It literally takes an act of Congress or a Federal judge to say otherwise.

How do you think the Fort Hood shootings were enabled? If it's federal, it's a gun free zone, with the police minutes away when seconds county. Kudos to the good LT CDR White, but he's up against senior leaders who hate and fear firearms in the hands of responsible citizens.

Deborah said...

The Navy is saying he will not be charged. This was reported on either Ace of Spades or Instapundit. Hopefully, it is true.

The original information of charges was put out by Democrat Presidential candidate Senator Jim Webb. Webb is a former SecNav.

Deborah said...

Sorry, folks. It seems I was misinformed. Let the melting begin!