Friday, August 21, 2015

You're welcome, Europe


One of the marines was apparently seriously injured. May God grant this righteous hero a full and quick recovery.

Update: Not Marines, after all, it seems - which makes this act of heroism even more impressive.


Deborah said...

U.S. military to the rescue AGAIN! The passengers should thank God those Marines took their train. It's too bad (and amazing) that "The Morrocan" was only apprehended.

God, please, bless these heroes, and fully heal the injured one. Comfort his family as he heals.

HAL9000 said...

USMC: Uncle Sam's Magnificent Children.

JorgXMcKie said...

It now seems that the wounded Marine [will he get a Purple Heart?] has a non-life threatening wound. There is some theorizing that that's because the bullet ricocheted off his Big Brass Balls.

Deborah said...

The Daily Mail reports that there were two U.S. military members; one is a Airman on leave, and the other member is a Army National Guardsman returning from Afghanistan.

Someone at Ace of Spades states that "Achmed" ' looks like he has been worked over by the Avengers, with Thor getting the most hammer time'.

JorgXMcKie, the wounded won't even receive a thank you from his Commander In Chief. The CIC is busy backing down from a totalitarian dictator.

RebeccaH said...

They did an online interview, and apparently they beat the terrorist unconscious as they were subduing him. Good job, guys.

HAL9000 said...

According to what I read, the Airman ran towards the shooter as soon as he could. When he grabbed the slimeball's throat, the guy slashed him with a box cutter. Not only did he help subdue the perp despite hie wounds, he also gave first aid to a badly wounded passenger.

Good old ornery American badasses. Apparently the French have already given them medals.

Deborah said...

The "blue moon effect" must still be in effect or, some celestial bodies are aligned or are in retrograde or, Hell is experiencing climate change...whatever it is, it is a sure bet that the heroes didn't expect Obama's call. He probably felt obliged due to European gratitude.

Deborah said...

Paco, dear fellow, regarding your update, as a Army vet from a long line, might I remind you that the other military branches have great accomplishments. Who caught Saddam?

Are you familiar with the World War II definition of a Marine rifle squad? Eight riflemen and three Time Life photographers.

God bless the Marines. God bless all the branches.

Paco said...

And don't think for a moment that the Marines aren't downright proud to have those fellers for helpers.