Thursday, September 24, 2015

I guess I didn't get the memo on the end of the nation-state

Mark Steyn marvels at Europe's cultural suicide.

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Deborah said...

The German "Welcoming Commitee" is very happy to help the "down trodden and abused" because they don't realize they are paying for the baskets. Taxes were high when I was stationed there in the '70s. Germans were (probably still are) taxed on every wall in their houses or apartments. Gee, wonder what they'll tax now?

Recently, Saudi Arabia funded the building of 20 new mosques in Germany. Imagine the call to prayer several times a day. Germans observe sound restrictions, such as early morning and after 10 pm, and Sundays.

"Press 1 for German" is coming, as are non-German language billboards.

What is the occupancy rate of Germany? Just as every room has one, so does a country.

The canary is coughing in the mine shaft.