Friday, September 25, 2015

John Boehner gets a standing ovation

Um, sort of.

Boehner was facing the distinct possibility of being driven from the speaker’s chair, anyway. As a colleague of mine put it, rather than face execution, he hanged himself in his cell.

I imagine the guy can still do some damage, though, since his resignation from the House isn’t effective until the end of October. Who knows? Now that he no longer has to worry about his future legislative career, he may simply openly throw in with the Democrats. I believe that to be unlikely, however, or at least, unsuccessful if attempted. As the chief of the House Republicans, his warriors were already deserting him in droves. As a lame duck (to quote Archie Bunker), he could rub liver on his behind and cats wouldn’t follow him; leaguing himself with Democrats might reduce his remaining GOP support to practically nothing.

In any event, things just got a whole lot more interesting.

Update - Boehner ally Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) on his boss’s departure: “He’s going to a better place.” 

So are we, Tom, so are we.


mojo said...

Some dingus at the Post writes that the Weeper threw himself on his sword out of altruism.

No wonder he works for the Post. Dumb as.

It was quit or survive by having Mad Nan Pelosi and the Dem Caucus support him...

No, he took the smart way out. I expect one last cavail, though.

Mikael said...

Don't fear the Weeper :-)

Mikael said...

Wow come I've forgotten a simple thing like how to embed a link. Grrr. Maybe Alzheimer is finally setting in.
Wouldn't surprise me.
Now, where was I??...

RebeccaH said...

Goodbye, Speaker Orange McWeepy, and good riddance.