Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tin ear

Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy believes that the Iran deal will bring "peace in our time".


Jayceee said...

Peace in our time? We're screwed. He was channelling Neville Chamberlain.

RebeccaH said...

Neville Chamberlain is probably a role model for the Democrats.

JeffS said...

At least Winston Churchill was around to clean up the mess Chamberlain left.

Now? 18 or 20 candidates vying to be nominated as a candidate for President.

Yeah, we're screwed.

bruce said...

I actually hoped the Iran deal was a shrewd move to get Shias and Sunnis to focus on fighting each other again like they did in the 1980s, and leave the rest of us alone. Could the Dems really be so naive?

BTW, the email scandal has delivered unexpected entertainment:

Also refers to "S", short for "SS" no doubt.

Veeshir said...

It's funny how two people can see the same thing, say the same thing and mean exactly the opposite.

Well, funny until the mushroom clouds start forming, but still...

Mikael said...

Well, to be fair, at least Chamberlain Hoped that he could Change things with the Munich treaty. Obama knows *exactly* what he's doing. He wants a war in the ME, and he want's Iran to blow Israel off the map. And then he can shrug and say: "I was elected to end wars, not to to start them. And whoever takes over the Oval Office will have to go in and intervene in yet another war. By *my* legacy will be that I will forever be remembered as the President who never started a conflict and only tried to bring peace and harmony to the world. (Also, there's no more Israel so that's a plus for which I should deserve another Nobel Peace-price to my collection)"
This man is dangerous!

Okay, sorry. I'll put on my tin foiled hat now.

Robert of Ottawa said...

A bit OT

I see once again the GOP is preparing to roll over in the Senate again


What do they think they are there for?

Deborah said...

Jimmy Carter led the Chamberlain devotees in believing Ayatollah Khomeini's pronouncements of peace, tolerance, and coexistence.

Mr. Murphy should take off his rose colored glasses, and talk to Iranians that stand against the deal.

Unfortunately, it looks like history is doomed.