Friday, October 30, 2015

A rose by any other name...

...would still smell like a partisan hack. News wallah Charlie Rose professes himself baffled by Marco Rubio's charge that Hillary Clinton is a liar.

What is interesting is not that Rubio would call Clinton a liar - a self-evident observation that is on the order of noting that the sun rises in the east - but that Rose seems stunned by the comment.

Seriously, how can anyone not believe that Clinton is a chronic liar when evidence of her mendacity is thicker on the ground than excreta Bovinae in a livestock exhibit at the county fair?


rinardman said...

Charlie is a full time resident of the 51st State - Denial.

JeffS said...

More likely, r-man, Charlie has been told to deny that Hilliary is a liar. Or has been well paid to.