Thursday, October 1, 2015

Horror in Oregon

We offer our prayers for the souls of those who were killed by a crazed shooter in Oregon today, and for the healing of the injured.

Barry, of course, has already jumped into the fray with his two big feet, calling for more - and ineffectual - gun control. His goal, of course, is ultimately confiscation. My goal, on the other hand, is to do everything I can to prevent something like this from happening to my family, or something like this from happening in my country.

How about more shooter control - like fewer "gun free" zones?

Update: Much more on the massacre here.


rinardman said...

What this country REALLY needs are more "Democrat Free Zones".

Starting with the White House and Washington, D.C.

Then, I think the gun control problem would work itself out.

bruce said...

And a shootout in Sydney this afternoon which looks curious:

Parramatta is the population centre of Sydney.
Guns are banned here in Oz you know. Yes totally banned. Funny that.

RebeccaH said...

I wish President Pretend would just keep his big mouth shut. Guns are not the problem, and if we have a higher gun-murder rate than some of the rest of the world, it's because we have triple the population of most of the other nations, and we have a very large population of violent young black men. People love to argue statistics, but they ignore that murder in the Middle East now makes downtown Chicago look like a Sunday stroll (and that's saying a lot), and they ignore that Switzerland, which required every one of its citizens to be armed, has a murder rate that's almost zilch.

bruce said...

At this stage, I see little difference between this mass-killing and the Germanwings deliberate crash in March this year. Killers even look similar.

bruce said...

Meanwhile the above Sydney shooting was by a "radicalised 15 yr old" who had reportedly "visited the Parramatta Mosque before the deadly shooting and shouted religious slogans before opening fire."

Even though guns are banned here, there seem to be exemptions for middle-east people.

Deborah said...

Amen, brother! And remind people that this was not a random act. It was a cold, planned attack by a monster who targeted victims for being Christian.

Monsters will continue to exist. There is no way to eradicate them. Monsters must be eliminated wherever and wherever. Why is it we promote self-defense classes so women can feel safe on the street, but don't promote self-defense for everyone, especially in settings such as this? The students had overwhelming odds in their favor.

As usual, Barry states something and it becomes the truth. Even Fox's Harris Faulkner (Outnumbered), and Senator Jeff Mehley parroted Barry. Of course, the latter is a Democrat, so he had to. (BTW, his staffer at the Eugene office is a arse.) There were NOT 45 incidents this year. FBI statistics for 1950-2013: 28 incidents with 8 or more people. There is a piece at that gives good statistic from a study done be a criminologist at University of Minnesota. With the read.

Deborah said...

Correction. The senator's name is Merkley.

bruce said...

Single parent family and a mother blind to how dangerous her son is:

Anders Breviks' story is similar.