Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oy, Canada

The "progressive" virus is going around again, as indicated by the victory of Trudeau minor in Canada.


bruce said...

Another Trudeau. I remember the first one a bit, he started all this multiculti gay rights thing which Australia copied and followed. Iiiiits Groundhog Day I suppose.

JeffS said...

Ugh. I remember the original Trudeau all too well. He was a disaster. This one will only carry on his legacy.

Deborah said...

Harper said, "The people are never wrong."Sorry, Mr. Harper, but the people are often wrong.

Oh Canada.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Trudeau Fils is a cypher, a figurehead. He's as dim as a 60W light-bulb, he has his mothers brains, he has no achievements in his life, he cannot hold a job down and dropped out of difficult university courses. He was born rich, just like his Trudeau Pere.

It really is the old Liberal party; Power Corp and the Laurentian Elite have recaptured their natural ruling comfy chairs and will distribute the goodies amongst their pals. Hey, that infrastructure money has to be spent somewhere - guess what, the shares of SNC-Lavelin, a Liberal feeding-trough masquerading as a Montreal engineering firm, rose the day after the election.

The people who worked for the Ontario provincial liberals are now going to do to the country what they did to the province of Ontario. Expect to see scandals of proportionately larger size. The Liberals just cannot help themselves, it's what government is for - them!

Hey, why not ask me how I really feel :-)