Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Anyone out there own a Springfield M1A rifle? What do you think of it?


JeffS said...

I had one. Better yet, I trained with its cousin, the M14. The M1A is the civilian version. The only thing that the M1A can't do (vice the M14) is go full auto. No loss, the M14 needs a bipod and firm grip to be accurate with rock 'n' roll.

The M14 remains in active service with the military. Actually, it was brought out of war stockage when the military found it needed a whole bunch of sniper rifles in a big hurry, back when we were actually killing terrorists.

The M1A is a good weapon. The magazines and ammunition are expensive, but having 7.62mm in semi-auto is a very comforting feeling indeed. You can get reasonably priced surplus ammo (these days, mostly European, some South African), and some good deals in bulk purchases.

Drop me a line if/when you buy one. Setting the sights can be tricky.

Paco said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'm sort of saving up for one right now, but I'll be in touch when I do buy one.

mojo said...

M14 was the finest battle rifle ever issued. Better than the M16/M4, with a nice heavy wood stock for bashing unfriendlies with. M1A is just as good.

JeffS said...

What mojo said.

And don't to buy a bayonet! Never can tell when you need a can opened.

Steve at the Pub said...

Springfield M1A, finest rifle I've owned!

I've owned & used both M1A & M14 concurrently.

I believe the Springfield M1A has a slightly heavier barrel than the M14.
Our colleagues above, who know stuff, may correct me on that if I'm mistaken.

The rifle is pretty much an M1 Garand chambered to .308 and fed with a box magazine instead of that [insert cuss words here] clip.

...and the M1A is man-portable. (The Garand is more like an artillery piece with the wheels missing).

If you've used an M14, you've used an M1A.
If you've used a Garand, using the M1A is an oddly familiar feeling, as it is almost exactly like it, with the minor problems fixed.

The action with that head-locking bolt (as y'all likely know) is likely the most accurate automatic action made. (This doesn't much matter for a poor shot like me, but if you're able to hit a jam tin at 400 yards with open sights, then those small details matter)

Only one gripe (& it isn't really about the M1A) I learned to shoot with a "V" sight, and I have never managed to feel comfortable with a peep sight.

The M1A is a pleasure to shoot. I did some excellent work with it, especially with a scope fitted. I once shot dead 20 running pigs with a 20-shot magazine. Fired standing, the first few pigs through open sights, then as the mob got further away, through the scope.

This was quite a feeling, especially as I had half-a-dozen witnesses.

You'll be very pleased with this rifle. I'm a sucker for .308, & love a good semi-auto.

If our gun laws in my otherwise great kangaroo nation ever changed to something sane, I'd purchase an M1A again tomorrow.