Thursday, November 26, 2015


The unusual art of fore-edge painting (completely unknown to me, until now).

Nice shootin', Tex.

Somewhere, over the, er, moonbow.

The Icelandic elephant.

Early attempts at developing battle tanks.

Kurdish general bears a strong resemblance to a late Soviet leader of some renown.

"Hey! The turkey's done!"


bruce said...

Interesting stuff. My son just did Iceland and I'm not surprised at any weird rocks there.

Deborah said...

The things you learn at PE. My "learn a new thing every day" cup is overflowing. Thanks, Paco! Fore-painting is a new one on me. Amazing. Especially with two paintings. I can't imagine doing it. The moonbow is a new one too. That would be something to see. The elephant rock was neat. It's interesting that the elephant is visible from most angles. That's unusual.

rinardman said...

I'm sure a moonbow is a sign of Global Warmening.

brucifer said...

Blair went Awol after Paris, and I guessed he was off to the US: