Tuesday, November 17, 2015

From Russia, with love

"Russia Pounds ISIS With Biggest Bomber Raid in Decades".


Mikael said...

Why not drop 20 megatons of brilliant light dead-center over Syria and end this crap once and for all.
Leave a note saying: 'Don't make us come back!'
And then round up all those millions of "Syrian" "refugees" that are swarming into Europe and send them back to clean up and rebuild.

No, I'm not in favor of using nukes but I am very angry and very worried for the future of Europe, because this will not end well! The 'European Streets' (to paraphrase) are having it up to here with all this. War will come, and there will be rivers of blood. Only a matter of time, and time is running out.

RebeccaH said...

I'd have more confidence in the Russian bombing campaign if they were actually bombing ISIS targets, but they seem to be concentrating only on anti-Assad forces (not that any of those are the "moderates" the left likes to claim). Frankly, I wish they would blast the whole region into rubble.

bruce said...

Yes we're all pretty fed up, especially all of us here who've been paying attention for the last 14 years. I was having breakfast in a cafe last Saturday morn when the news from Paris started to come on. I'm afraid I didn't even blink or stop eating, because it's more of the same and 9/11/2001 is still the one which blows my mind. An unprecedented horror which seemed a terrible and now true omen.

bruce said...

Yeah, today they all bombed 500 petrol tankers. Hmmm. That will slow them down for a few days. A good use of all those million dollar jets and bombs, no I don't think so. Something more decisive, game changing.

JeffS said...

Aerial bombing campaigns are worthless unto themselves. Air superiority is critical in any military situation, but ground action is essential. And by ground action I mean infantry.

True, the enemy has to spend time and resources on repairing battle damage, but they can continue to function until you put an 18 year old with a rifle on the target, and kill the enemy, one-on-one, until they surrender or are all dead.