Friday, November 6, 2015

Glad to make your acquaintance. And thanks for bunching up like that.

If the government ever does decide to confiscate privately owned firearms, the project would be such a massive undertaking that I wouldn't be surprised to see the feds deputize citizen posses to help them carry the program out.

If this comes to pass, I'd be delighted if the group that comes to get my guns included Bill Ayers, James Kilgore and Bernardine Dohrn. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than an opportunity to demonstrate to this trio the virtue of celerity when ordered off private property.


Deborah said...

Jobs for "refugees" perhaps?

Those three are at the top of such a target rich environment. They deserve everything they get.

rinardman said...

I wonder if the gun grabbers will recognize the irony of the need for groups of armed men, to disarm other groups of armed men who don't want to be disarmed?

bruce said...

Yes if I recall, they have said loudly that they believe strong measures are justified in certain circumstances. We might say they drew first, in a manner of speaking. Ayers even has a bit of a Dewey Crow look about him, come to think of it.

Paco said...

Dewey Crow. Excellent.

According to an undercover FBI agent, Ayers once said that 25 million people would need to be liquidated to make his revolution come true. Bloodthirsty little maggot.

rinardman said...

...Ayers once said that 25 million people would need to be liquidated to make his revolution come true.

Sounds easy, except that those 25 million are the ones with guns. And know how to use them.

Yeah, bruce, a more demented Dewey Crowe.

JeffS said...

The gun grabbers, as personified by Ayers et al, have offered enough provocation that decent Americans are morally, ethically, and legally justified to shoot first when they come. Even if the gun grabbers don't draw at all.

25 million, eh? Well, Ayers set the stakes. He won't have reason to complain when his flying monkeys get shot down. He'll still complain, of course. But his reasons are already invalidated.

And Ayers, Kilgore, and Dohrn may be at the top of the list, but they won't lead the pack. Tyrants lead from the rear, those sort generally being cowards. Pity, that.

Deborah said...

To Ayers and his ilk, I say, "You first." Ah, what a wonderful world that would be.