Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ma Clinton: "Drop your weapon!"

Hillary's going all out for gun control. We'll see how that strategy pans out in the general election.

Let's see of her campaign slogans is "Ready for Hillary". How about it, boys? Ya'll ready for Hillary?

"Ready as can be, Cap'n Paco!"


Deborah said...

Good to see the boy's are ready!

Hillary is all over gun control, but is silent on the rise of knife violence. Would be funny to see her go after knives.

By-the-way, Paco, I noticed your spelling of "ya'll". With all respect to your erudite elucidation, and my continuing education on my "newly" (two years) adopted state of Texas, I wanted to know about "ya'll" versus "y'all". In south Texas, it is "y'all". The discussion on one blog started in 2010 and continues today. Could you help, please?

Paco said...

I think y'all is probably the more frequently used version, but both are ok.

mojo said...

I must disagree. It's a contraction of "you all", so y'all would be correct.

mojo said...

PS: My personal favorite Texas-ism is "all a y'all"

JeffS said...

Y'all can say "ya'll" anyway y'all want to, y'hear?

Paco said...

I think mojo's right.