Thursday, November 12, 2015

Semper Lie

Show of hands: how many people believe Hillary Clinton really tried to enlist in the Marine Corps?

R-man, is that you out there raising your hand? Oh, you’re just stretching. Ok, good. So, the tally is zero then.

Update: The ever-vigilant Smitty brought to my attention the broken link. It's fixed now.


JeffS said...

Hell, Billary wouldn't survive Girl Scout Camp, pampered, bad tempered, spoiled rotten b....., er, princess that she.

rinardman said...

R-man, is that you out there raising your hand?

No, I just tend to throw my right hand in the air, when I start a really good belly laugh, like when I read that. That's what you saw.

Private Benjamin, anyone?

Deborah said...

Sure it's a lie. But let's imagine that Hillary tried to enlist. The big question is, why did they turn her down?

Paco said...

Deborah: They probably did a background check.

smitty1e said...

(a) Your HotAir link is b0rken.

(b) Her Majesty would have sought a commission, not an enlistment.

(c) Given (b), it's not hard to envision her having a superficial, casual conversation about the topic with a campus recruiter or something. Pen to paper and actual effort is where the story dies by non-existent sniper fire.

Paco said...

Smitty: thanks for the information on the link.

It is difficult for me to imagine her having even a casual conversation on the subject with a recruiter, possessed of anything remotely approaching a genuine interest in actually serving.

RebeccaH said...

She may have thought about it once, after having to deal with Bill's latest bimbo, but I'm pretty sure the thought was fleeting after the first ashtray hurl at his head.