Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday funnies

Yeah, government does tend to grow out of control before you know it.

The kid's a literalist.

Isn't volcano warfare banned by the Geneva Convention?

Only "rarely"?

Alan King and the family dinner.


RebeccaH said...

Why can't comedians be funny today the way the old time comedians like Alan King were? They made every day events funny. Comedians today think they need to preach about social justice while using every swear word in the book. [/curmudgeon]

Paco said...

Rebecca: I'm with you.

Robert of Ottawa said...

You beat me to it Rebeccah

bruce said...

I've been watching old Tim Conway and Carol Burnett scenes on youtube. Also the ones with Harvey Korman. I should say re-watching because I remember watching most of them (before we had colour TV). It was a golden era. Carol Burnett Show was Sunday night here, highlight of the week.

Paco said...

Bruce: That was some great comedy; consistently good, week after week.