Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Swedes have lost their minds

This guy is both funny and spot on.


bruce said...

Well look, not to offend anyone here but I find the Swedes have always been, just odd and impossible to understand. On the one hand they are very smart and can cite all sorts of clever arguments, but also childishly naive. Or almost pathologically pessimistic. I think Protestant beliefs in fatalistic predestination have something to do with Swedes' oddness and tendency to nihilism. People have been noticing this for centuries. It's not just nihilism because they work very hard: the Protestant ethic. The nihilism is in a tendency to take everything to extremes, as if it doesn't matter because results are predestined.

bruce said...

Notice that the only part of Great Britain which was influenced by Calvinism is dour old Scotland where they banned Christmas. On the Continent, Calvinism is a very important influence all through the northern countries.

So England is the exception, and it's no coincidence that our notions of human freedom largely come from there.

Mikael said...

Sweden have now closed its borders after being utterly overwhelmed by an influx of some 100.000 "refugees" in the last few months. (Into a country of 10 million people.)
The Swedes are now criticizing neighboring Denmark for not doing the same.

This is after decades of scorning and damming Danes for being racist, inhumane, Nazis for actually having an ongoing public debate on how many Muslims society can absorb, and not being the same "humane superpower" that the Swedes like to think they are. Or at least thought they were, up until now.

Oh Well, as the saying goes, the Swedes have made their bed, now they will have to sleep in it.