Thursday, November 19, 2015

With apologies to Winston Churchill

Obama is an idiot wrapped in an ignoramus inside a schmuck.

Really, the pejoratives virtually write themselves as this president’s bone-headed mistakes keep piling up. He stated yesterday that he’d agree to partner with Russia in fighting ISIS - but not until an end to the Syrian civil war is brokered – i.e., basically, not until Assad is booted out.

Sure, Assad is an evil man (certainly not a “reformer”, as he was once described by the current administration, a point made in the linked post). But Assad’s soldiers are not presently gunning down Parisians, threatening to attack New York and Washington, or trying to fan out across Europe and the U.S. using fake passports. Maybe this isn’t the time for multi-tasking in one country, Barry. Of course, what’s really going on is that Obama is creating a contingency that he knows is unlikely to be met as a prerequisite for tackling the more important task that he’d rather not be bothered with anyway.


bruce said...

Yeah 30 plus years ago we had the Iranian Shi-ite threat but 2001 brought the Sunnis to the front in showing they aspire to world domination. Meanwhile Assad is in one of those ethnic minority sects (Alawite) who seem to make up the true "moderate" Muslims because they fear Sunnis more than anything else. Amal Clooney's Druze are another, which could all be put with Parsees and Yazidis and even various Jewish traditions, as groups which are just trying to survive, not take over the world.

RebeccaH said...

Oh, sure, Barry, because removing Moamar Gaddafi worked out so well for Libya.