Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dear Republican Establishment...

...Please come to the coach's office and bring your playbook.

Really, you just pile imbecility on top of imbecility. The latest instance? Obama's SOTU speech. A long yawnfest of self-congratulatory bilge and phantom achievements. Instead of leveraging Obama's incompetence and radicalism to fire broadsides at the Democrat party in general, and its likely standard bearer in particular, you trot Nikki Haley out to throw stink-bombs at...the Republican front-runner - who will probably see yet another spike in his popularity as a result.

Look. Jeb Bush has, for all intents and purposes, assumed room temperature. He's not the guy. Ain't gonna happen. The nominee is going to be Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Be prepared to get behind one of them, or start toddlin' off to the elephant graveyard.


HAL9000 said...

The GOP is not known as "The Stupid Party" for nothing.

I'm disappointed in Haley. I was looking forward to her candidacy in the next open GOP presidential nomination fight. Now? She's taking direction from the RNC and the donor class of the Establishment.

I'm beginning to wonder if the GOP will snatch defeat from the jaws of what ought to be an assured victory. That's pretty much what they did in 2012.

I don't much like Trump either, but this ought to have been an occasion for damaging the Jackass Party, not forming a circular firing squad for Packs. If the Packs in Congress had been more energetic over the last few years, Trump would still be a Hillary supporter.

Incidentally, Paco, the software once again insisted that I had to prove I wasn't a computer. Crikey, can't it tell just by the name?

Paco said...

W-e-l-l....the name is a little suggestive.