Friday, February 5, 2016

Unspeakably irresponsible

Stephen Green on the Obama administration's lax border policy:
I'm long past the ability to suspend my disbelief that the Obama Administration is capable of embarrassment. Instead, I'm forced to conclude that they're wrecking everything they can get away with during his remaining time in office.

Picture a lame duck -- hobbling along with a gallon of gas and a fistful of strike-anywhere matches.


rinardman said...

I often wonder what percentage of the idi...people who voted for Obo the Clown in 2008, are still happy with the results of their action.

I'm pretty sure I'd be disappointed at the low number.

rinardman said...

Oops, brain fart, that should be 'high number'.

HAL9000 said...

Some peoples' ignorance is invincible. On the other hand, for a number of them, Obumbler is their rice bowl, and they'll tell any lies, commit any frauds, to maintain it unbroken. They will act similarly to make sure the next prez is from the Jackass Party, just as vicious, unprincipled, and devoted to destructive policies as Obumbler.