Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Socialism illustrated

Update: Return of the Wobblies? Bernie scores upset against Hillary in Michigan.


bruce said...

I had never heard the term Rust Belt until I read it here, RebbecaH mentioned it I think, maybe years ago. I've learned so much about changes for worse that middle Americans have had to endure, now even a high death rate. I sympathise with those who think it can change with a new candidate. Middle Americans are just like the people I grew up with, except more optimistic and dynamic (we're fatalists in comparison)

But yeah, "Socialism" is a mirage, especially when student debt is now some massive portion of US Govt assets, just for example.

RebeccaH said...

Well, southern Michigan is definitely the Rust Belt, and Detroit is a third world country now. I'm not surprised that Michigan is loving that ancient communist, because southern Michigan is living on welfare paid for by the more sparsely populated northern part of the state.

bruce said...

The Rust Belt also likes Mr Trump and it's a better explanation for his popularity than "racism". Both sides are remembering the days when a single income was enough to buy a house and support a family, both sides also believe unfair global trade is to blame. Then they differ about lots of other things of course.