Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Bill Kristol's mystery candidate for president reportedly turns out to be David French, a writer for National Review.

I like French. He's a smart, knowledgeable guy, and a principled conservative. He also has no party backing, no organization and no money, and, as far as I know, the thought of running for president never entered his head until he was wooed by Kristol. If someone can make a compelling argument that French can win outright in a four-way race (can't forget the Libertarians), I will gladly support him. If, however, this is part of a #NeverTrump scheme to siphon off enough votes in a few swing states to deprive the Republican and Democratic candidates of a majority in the electoral college, thus throwing the election to the House of Representatives in the hope that the House will choose this (presumably) more likable version of Ted Cruz, then that is utter bulls**t fantasy, and I'm not buying it.

Update: I should have pointed out, I suppose, that the probability of convincing me that French can win outright is zero.

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bruce said...

Just on the general issues because I'm not familiar with recent developments, comparison of Reagan's rhetoric versus Cruz seems to make a good point about how to reach the public: