Saturday, June 18, 2016

Good fences make good neighbors

Some countries, such as Israel, wisely see the value of walls: "Israel plans to build concrete wall along Gaza above and below ground".


HAL9000 said...

Perhaps Hamas will simply dig deeper, relying on Iran to fund the more expensive tunnel construction (materials shipped through Israel because the world gets outraged when Israel blockades Hamas's imports of materials to use in warfare).

Or perhaps Hamas will turn to building up a much larger arsenal of rockets, funded again by Iran with the money Obama released to that country. With reported 150,000 rockets and missiles in Lebanon in Hezbollah's hands, another 100,000 in Gaza in Hamas's hands would pose an even more massive threat to Israel. Those Muslim terrorists do not try to avoid hitting civilian targets like Israel does, they deliberately seek out schools, hospitals, and other protected places as well as protected persons whenever they can.

Just as the recent atrocity in Orlando reminds us in the USA (well reminds us who understand something of strategy) the threats of Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah to Israel show that it is futile to stand on the defensive against the terrorists. Their groups must be destroyed in their own lands and their members killed so that their power is smashed. That's what we were doing in Iraq, successfully, until President Obumbler pulled US troops out. Apparently he thinks that if he gives a speech saying the war is over, then it's over, never mind what the enemy thinks.

The next time Hamas attacks Israel, Zahal should be sent in to kill every Hamasnik it can catch. Put Gaza in the hands of the local sheikhs, with the promise that if they allow any terrorists to attack Israel or anybody else from their area, or allow support for terrorists there, Zahal will kill them and hand their area over to somebody else.

If the Arabs of Gaza are not willing to live with this situation they can leave. If they cannot bring themselves to live peacefully with Jewish neighbors they must go find neighbors with whom they can live peacefully. Since their "Brother Arabs" mostly treat the Palestinian Arabs worse than the Israelis do, they may find that rather difficult.

And for the jerks who decry Israel's actions as "disproportionate", FOAD. Hamas (and Hezbollah and Iran) intends the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people. They are limited in achieving this goal only by their lack of means and lack of competent personnel, and they are constantly trying to remedy both lacks. What do the jerks suggest is a proportional response to attempted genocide?

Paco said...

Superb points.

bruce said...

Hal, I still remember how the Palis destroyed the gifted Gaza greenhouses (because I admire Wolfensohn).

But apparently the PED has now produced accounts to show that they also invested in the greenhouses.

But, ah wouldn't you know, we are supposed to believe these papers which show that all those millions they obviously spend on tunnel building actually was invested in greenhouses (conveniently!) now destroyed.

RebeccaH said...

I've already read one article (Breitbart or Daily Caller, don't remember which) by an Israeli defense official who says the next war with Gaza will be the last one because the Israelis are simply fed up. And why shouldn't that be true? The world is never going to give Israel a break, so they might as well do whatever they have to to survive. And if that ends up in a lot of dead women and children, that's the fault of the Hamas yellow-bellies who hide among them. Let the world howl. They will anyway.