Saturday, July 2, 2016


Mel Gibson has a new movie coming out, Hacksaw Ridge, about a conscientious objector in WWII who served as a medic and won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism in saving scores of lives during the Battle of Okinawa. Looks promising.

More outstanding work from TSA, as they stop a terrorist disabled teen cold in her tracks.

It's not about gun control, it's about people control.

Once again, the NY Post strikes gold:

Last seen wetting his pants while firing an AR-15, Gersh Kuntzman now takes on that old standard, "God Bless America".

I'm with John Hawkins on this: "I Am Never Going To Be a Part of Your Sick Liberal Worldview".

Via Powerline's "The Week in Pictures":

Why Bill Clinton's unscheduled meeting with AG Loretta Lynch was a bad idea, even if they did just talk about grandchildren and golf.


rinardman said...

If liberals weren’t so ignorant, selfish and self-absorbed, they’d be down on their knees apologizing for what they’re doing to future generations in our country.

But, if they weren't so 'ignorant, selfish and self-absorbed', they wouldn't be liberals.

Veeshir said...

I hated the 90s, people always giving the Clintons the benefit of the doubt even as each lie was proven to be a lie. It quickly became "Old news" afterward.

Of course they didn't talk about golf and grandchildren, they talked about their corruption, so when people say, "Even if they...", they're arguing "optics" instead of "They both belong in jail."

Drives me crazy.

Why yes, I work as a tenderizer at a dog food factory, why do you ask?

rinardman said...

More outstanding work from TSA, as they stop a terrorist disabled teen cold in her tracks.

Do you ever get the feeling that if these brave TSA 'public servants' ever encountered a real terrorist...they'd wet themselves?

RebeccaH said...

The photos are spot on.

bruce said...

I've always had time for Mel Gibson ever since the 1970s when I saw him perform live a lot, including Waiting for Godot in a small room with 20 people and my then girlfriend and me right in front under his nose, no stage.

Maybe he has Borderline Personality problems: self-destructive, aggressive but childlike. My brother has that and it's terrible, but he was still able to carry on his engineering work. In the same way, Mel's art is very mature, even if he often seems not to be.

The old Jewish proverb, "In wine is truth", look I respect the great wisdom of the Jewish tradition but I disagree, drunks are crazy liars. (Like my brother).

Old Sailor Man said...

News from Oz.
Nine months ago, the silvertail leftie Malcolm Turnbull challenged the incumbent Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a man of the right, who two years before had won Government by giving the incumbent Labor Party the greatest thrashing in years, and gaining a majority of 30-odd in the 150 seat House of Reps, where under the Westminster conventions, govenments are made. Abbott had made some some odd decisions, but had stopped the boats and had tried to start repairing the worrying budget deficit. A combination of an uncooperative Senate, rabid hatred by the left and its media, and an usual political style and persona, sent his polls into freefall. Nervous nellies in his own party started plotting against him and Turnbull replaced him in a coup last November. This sort of thing is not common, but neither is it unusual in our system. Turnbull promised to make everything nice and happy and loving, with three jars of caviar in every pot everywhere.
To cut a long story short, we voted yesterday. It takes a rare, very special kind of political ineptitude to take a 30-odd seat majority and turn it into what the the Iron Duke called a "damned close-run thing". Currently with about 75% of the vores counted, the parties are necck and neck.
What will happen? I have no idea, I'm just reporting. But it's great for political junkies.

Jonah said...

So is there any political future for Tony Abbott?

Paco said...

OSM: I've been wondering who came out on top in that election. Must be awful close if there's no clear winner yet.

Old Sailor Man said...

It is close, and the possibility does exist that Labor might be able to form a government.
Jonah, Tony Abbott's future ?? He has run a dignified, low profile campaign in his very safe seat, largely left alone by our vicious media whilst mouthing the party line platitudes. He was returned with a slightly reduced but very clear majority. Like most in the conservative camp, I hope and believe his time in the sun will return.
I doubt we will have a full result for the House before next week, with the most likely result IMO being the coalition with a majority of two to four, still needing to supply the Speaker. The Senate count will take a while longer.
Interesting times. MT would be mad to leave TA out of the tent pissing in, especially as his recent cabinet has been notable mostly for cowardly ineptitude. My view is that MT will try to get some of the independents on side to shore up his position; ok, but his cover as an enlightened, inclusive, progressive (yes!!) leader has been blown by We the People. He has been shown up as a poor communicator (aka Lord Waffle of Wentworth), arrogant, indecisive, and a weak campaigner. I expect him as PM with a minimal majority to fold at the first difficulty.
I beg your indulgence to refrain from nominating a successor at this stage.
It is said that you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. We pay the bastards biggish money, but all we get is a shower of bigger, greedier, more arrogant monkeys. Sound familiar?
BTW Be careful with Real Clear World reports on Oz matters. They are usually from the once venerable Sydney Morning Herald, now a dying daily well to the left of the Gray Lady
Take care gents. I hope your 4th of July is how you would wish it to be.