Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maybe he will present a case study

I get lots of emails at work advertising seminars, webinars, conferences and so on. Today, I received a pitch to attend a cyber-security symposium at which one of the keynote speakers will be...FBI Director James Comey. I suppose he'll focus on non-actionable incidents of extreme carelessness.


bruce said...


HAL9000 said...

Off topic. I'm taking a class in Spanish d the prof assigned us to write in Spanish about some invention (imaginary of course) that we would like to see. I decided to write an advertisement for a black box, essential to any well-equipped computer installation. You plug it into your computer and presto, it corrects any software problems, eliminates malware, prevents hackers, and just about everything else. It also diagnoses hardware problems so you can fix them.

I decided this was the perfect product for Paco Enterprises to manufacture, so I used the name, las empresas de Paco. Hope you don't mind.

One thing I put in was to say that there is a Paco Enterprises store near you anywhere in the world you are, from Halifax to Hong Kong, from Tokyo to Timbuktu. Also, it comes with a two week limited warranty. You can buy a three year extended warranty for half the price of the black box, and the estimated life of the processor is three and one half years. I thought that J.P. might like that touch. It's made at the modern manufacturing facility of Paco Enterprises in Kiribati.

Paco said...

Hal: Splendid! Exactly in line with our commitment to quality customer service.

JeffS said...

Yeah, I bet people will FLOCK to that symposium, you betcha!

RebeccaH said...

I hope everybody in the audience laughs at him.

HAL9000 said...

Could be filled with valuable lessons. Just take what he says and do the opposite.