Sunday, July 17, 2016

More assaults on the thin blue line

Three policemen were shot and killed in Baton Rouge this morning. A suspect is also dead.

Update: Killer identified as a member of Nation of Islam, vocal racist.


rinardman said...

It's a good thing we have a black President. He can appeal to the BLM people from his position as a black leader, and calm them down.

Or, he might go play golf.

Paco said...

I'm thinking Option B.

Deborah said...

Let's not forget the Baliff who was murdered in Michigan recently. Hmmm. Obie didn't fly in for that. It's about as surprising as the Baton Rouge murderer being a "former" member of the Nation of Islam. Sure. "Former". I thought it was like, "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way."

How are the fairways in Baton Rouge?

Deborah said...

Yesterday, we were in McDonalds. Two groups of Blacks came in. One was a woman and her two teenage/twenty something sons. They made no eye contact except to order. Her body language was mean and disdainful. They ate in the car even though it was upper 90s/low 100s.

The second was a mother and her young son (3 y.o.?). She was happy, peaceful, and friendly. Obviously not a victim. She was the antithesis of the first.