Sunday, September 11, 2016


Elderly grandmother gets a case of the vapors (more on Hillary's health issues from Scott McKay at The American Spectator). Update: Pneumonia?

Sharyl Attkisson lays out the details of Hillary's private server scandal in a reader-friendly outline (Yeah, that's right, James Comey; it's still a scandal).

A contingent of North Carolina deplorables swings into action.

Steven Crowder takes on the Warm-Mongers:

Hillary explains it all...

(Courtesy of Powerline's "The Week in Pictures")

Sheesh. First, I'm a deplorable. Now, I'm a f*cking a**hole. The leftists are not exactly swaying me with their nuanced arguments and unassailable logic.

The youthful-looking Tim Blair gets carded in Texas.

DoublePlusUndead tackles the NFL (after first running over Obama).

Cool shotgun being tested by Hickok 45...


bruce said...

See I've worked on a seniors shopping bus for which I got first aid training. I've called ambulance for less than what I saw in that video. Looks like a major emergency, no ambulance? Ace noticed that the entourage seemed to be used to this.

rinardman said...

Ace noticed that the entourage seemed to be used to this.

I noticed that. And notice how no one seems to be the least bit panicked, like it's 'no big deal, she does this a lot'. I also like how they all quickly surround her, like a bunch of worker bees trying to protect the queen bee from attack (or people making videos to post on the interwebs).

Veeshir said...

Evolving lies are a hallmark of the Clintons.
Deny everything...when something can't be denied make up a new lie about just that part...when something can't be denied make up a new lie about just that part....

Father Time has decided to follow Hollywood's fad of remakes but this remake of the 90s stinks. In the original we had beaten Russia and Newt Gingrich was the good guy.

Oh, and don't worry Paco, I've always thought you were an effin ahole.

bruce said...

Compared to Weekend at Bernies:


bruce said...

Cinderella lost her slipper:

What happened to leaving an unconscious person lying down until medical professionals arrive, gently rotating them (using knees and elbows as levers) into recovery position if no sign of broken bones or breathing problems?

Very reckless, setting a terrible example. Michael Jackson medical care.

Lifting an unconscious person may cause brain damage, blood drains from the head. Hillary is surrounded by junk science.

RebeccaH said...

I figure Hillary's entourage didn't show a lot of concern because of the way she's rumored to treat them. She's lucky they didn't "accidentally" shove her under that SUV.

Deborah said...

Hillary is surrounded by junk science.

Not surprising since she believes in climate change, or whatever term they're using these days.

Deborah said...

Evolving lies are a hallmark of the Clintons.

Not just the Clintons, but every Progressive/Democrat. LBJ used the tactic against Nixon in that race. His famous quote is something like, 'Of course it's untrue. But make the bastards deny it.'

As to our a-holes. Aren't we a lovely bunch.

Deborah said...

Grab the the video of her collapse. The purge has begun with Twitter leading the way. The truth must be preserved.