Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Of course Hillary's health is a legitimate issue

Wes Pruden begs to differ from those who argue that questions about Hillary Clinton's health represent part of a "conspiracy":
The questions the Hillary campaign are trying to put off limits now are the legitimate questions about Hillary’s health. She has a well-documented record of coughing fits, fainting, stumbling up and down stairs, and uncontrolled giggling and snorting at inappropriate times. There may be good and sufficient reasons for all that, but it’s not against anybody’s rules to ask what they are.
Well, it does seem to be against the highly selective etiquette of liberal reporting, but that's another story.


bruce said...

Hillary seems to be getting the Michael Jackson type of medical care.

Veeshir said...

I can understand the media's problem.

They're used to the Clintons' enemies having unexplained health problems, not Clintons.

bruce said...

Also, I guess all those "Criminal conspiracy" laws were made by loonies, right? And if you don't like a doctor's opinion then he's into "junk science". Word games on the Titanic.

bruce said...

Apparently the guy is Dr Okunola, a neurologist:

OK, why not just tell people? Why all the mystery. Honesty is the best policy in every situation. Maybe he's a good doctor, and maybe he's right to support what she's doing, but secrecy just arouses suspicion. The lying is the problem.

RebeccaH said...

I think she's suffering some of the ailments of age, including increasingly fuzzy thinking. She is definitely not fit to inhabit the presidency.

Veeshir said...

bruce, Clintons lie when the truth would serve better.

It's what they do.

His name isn't even Bill.

rinardman said...

Hilliary wants to be President, even if it kills her.

Yeah, okay.

JeffS said...

Ace discusses her health as well, with a video of a doctor discussing his unconfirmed diagnosis of Hillary: Parkinson's Disease.

Isophorone said...

Some say the coughing may be a sign of a sputtering campaign, or just a hiccup. Others say it's snot anyone's business.