Friday, October 28, 2016

Beats me

So, what do you think James Comey is up to in reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails? Five will get you ten that Huma Abedin winds up taking the fall, and probably alone, thereby taking the heat off of Hillary in the days leading up to the election.

On the other hand, it's difficult to see that happening before the election. Maybe Hapless Huma's future indictment is intended to ward off impeachment of Cankles, although it's difficult to imagine a Senate clotted with RINOs ever attempting such a thing in the first place.

Rebellious career agents flexing their muscle? Genuinely new information, different in kind and materiality from the stuff Comey's already written off? Color me baffled.


smitty1e said...

It could be about controlling the narrative, and diverting attention from Wikileaks, as Limbaugh claimed.

Then again, maybe some residue of non-weasel FBI staff was just going to leak it, and Weasy McWeaselface is trying to feign leadership.

rinardman said...

I don't have a clue what's going on. The only thing I would predict is that somehow, poor old Hilliary will end up as the innocent victim of some nefarious activity that "she didn't have any knowledge of", and "she's just as surprised as everyone else".

Paco said...

Smitty: One problem is that we've Comey for, what, another five or six years? If Hillary is elected, it will be interesting to watch the dynamics between the "residue of non-weasel" staff and the Weasel-in-Charge.

It's amazing how the Clintons corrupt everything and everybody that enters their orbit.

bruce said...

Apparently it's about Huma keeping her own yahoo account:

Hill may have to throw Huma under the bus. Can Hill survive that? She's so dependent on underlings, she may be like granma "I'll be ok" and you find her wandering down the street unaware what day it is.

How much of this can the US public tolerate?

Mike_W said...

If Clinton loses the election and Comey then comes out with a statement that he was mistaken and there are no new grounds for investigation of Clinton, that could set up a case for the commies and the media to run with: the election was stolen.

They could whip the Clinton supporters into a frenzy of rioting, looting and murder; then Obama could declare martial law and rule by decree until conditions "stabilize".
Maybe this is Obama's plan: revenge on the Clintons and an extended term to finish his transformation of the U.S.A.