Saturday, November 19, 2016

From the Department of Things I Really Wish Had Been Captured On Video

The homeowner, who is in her 70s, told police that she was in bed when she heard a noise in her kitchen.

She went downstairs to check on the noise, only to find an arm reaching in through a window. The victim said “I started scratching, digging at his skin, pushing him, just knocking the crap out of him with my fists.”

The hapless burglar was apparently stuck in the window. Then the woman ran to grab her gun and call 911. Returning to the window, the elderly woman began to beat the intruder with the butt of her gun.
Nice going, Granny! One small quibble, though. If you're going to beat someone with a gun, use the muzzle end; holding the gun by the barrel and using it like a hammer could possibly lead to the gun discharging and injuring you.

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Jonah said...

The exact same sort of incident happened in Redding Ca a year or so ago. Grandma shot him dead.