Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Public service announcement

How to move to Canada.

Update: Wait, not so fast.


rinardman said...

Oh, so there are some sane Canadians eh.

How about France, instead? I hear they're taking immigrants.

bruce said...

Some talk about Calexit: California seceding. Easily done, they're almost halfway there.

All these people threatening to leave, what's stopping them?

Paco said...

I'm all in favor of California seceding.

RebeccaH said...

Sarah Hoyt posted on Instapundit about Calexit. She gave it six months and it's Mexico.

Besides, isn't it strange that none of these "celebrities" threatened to move to Mexico? Are they racists?

JeffS said...

#CalExit .... .... watch for it trending!

But I have referred certain liberal friends to this bit of recent history ... .... the INTERNET, it is forever.

Seriously, I am trying to NOT gloat. But these clowns make it hard.

HAL9000 said...

You really should put in an explanation of how Cher can move to Jupiter, preferably in words of as few syllables as possible. There may be other bimbos who would follow her.

In answer to your question, yes. If they were not, they would not be constantly destroying the educational chances of poor inner-city black and Mexican kids to toady to the teachers' unions and get money from them.

I was in an English class at the university Wednesday morning, and the gloom was so thick you could cut it, but you'd probably need a machete to do so. Naturally the lefties were claiming that we needed civility in politics. I piped up with the comment that if the Dems wanted civility all they had to do was shut up with their smears nd lsanders. Out of about sixteen people in the class, including the prof, I was the only Trump voter; or the only one who would admit it.

One young lady said that Hillary was the best qualified person for the presidency. I immediately said "Rubbish." The prof accused me of incivility, but I later explained to him that it wasn't. She had made a statement that was factually wrong and I did not think he'd want me to take over his class for five minutes or more to explain the factual reasons that her opinion was codswallop. But I could not let such a statement pass without pointing out that it was untrue. She's entitled to her own opinion, but not to her own facts.

Naturally the first thing any of them concluded is that half the people country are racists and sexists. The prof kept asking if he had to conclude that half the country was racist and sexists. I said no but got no response. That was as far as he's gotten in questioning his deeply held assumptions that had just been hit upside the head. I offered to explain to him what had happened. He said OK, but put it off until next week.

I did not want Trump as President (I favored Jindal, but nobody else did). I voted for him faut de mieux so as to prevent a corrupt criminal and betrayer of the country from becoming President. Better a vulgarian than a fraudster and bribe taker. But I have to admit that, despite my dislike of The Donald, the feeling of schadenfreude on Wednesday morning was sweet.

HAL9000 said...

smears and slanders

Perview is my fiend.