Saturday, December 3, 2016

Preparing kids for entry into the Ancient and Pusillanimous Order of Precious Snowflakedom

Gotta start 'em young: "Toddler’s ‘Scary’ Pants Banned From Preschool".
A mom was told her toddler’s cartoon monster leggings were too scary for preschool.

A mom put her toddler in what she thought was a cute pair of cartoon monster-themed leggings, but they were deemed too scary and were banned by his preschool. Apparently, another mom at the daycare complained, saying the leggings had frightened her child [italicization mine - Paco].
Well, "another mom" is certainly setting little Horace or Chauncey or whatever up for a life requiring a continuous series of safe spaces.


rinardman said...

It's a shame that frightened little girl doesn't have an adult in her life to help her grow up.

RebeccaH said...

What r-man said.