Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Resist what?

The constitution? The peaceful transfer of power? Maybe if the Greenpissers ever come down off that crane they can clarify things for us.


Veeshir said...

At first I thought it was "Resist Reality!" but then I realized it had to be:
Resist We Much!!!!!

The rest of the sign was torn off.

Paco said...

Resist We Much

Haw! If it had said that, I'd argue for leaving it up there.

rinardman said...

Nah, the Reverend Al is way too old to be climbing on a crane.

Altho, maybe if there were some TV cameras up there...

bruce said...

They can keep crying 'wolf!' all they like. We don't believe them any more.

Mike_W said...

"Resist a return to law and order!"
They want the promised NWO, ruled over by corrupt, elitist commies and fuelled by unicorn farts; the promised utopia in which it's open season on conservatives, Christians, white people and anyone else not toeing the latest leftist line.
These people are completely insane and/or evil.
They got sooooooo close they could almost taste it; then Trump snatched it out of their grubby, grasping paws.

Personally, I'm amazed by what Trump is doing. Great stuff.

Veeshir said...

After I hit 'publish' I realized there might be another explanation.