Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Soon, soon

Ace has the flaming skull we've all been waiting for.

Many on the right (make that everybody) have been toting up Obama's disasters, infamies, lies, outrages and body blows to the constitution; however, I think we ought to offer up a prayer of thanks for the things he failed to do:

1) He was not able to implement an American version of Britain's National Health Service (and the first baby steps in that direction are about to be undone);

2) He utterly failed to expand gun control at the national level;

3) He was unable to prop up Morsi and his Islamic loons in Egypt;

4) He failed to get Netanyahu heaved out of office;

5) And - best of all - his reign of error helped to ensure that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

So, there's that, at least.

Update: A non-verbal representation of Obama's whole presidency...


RebeccaH said...

I guess there are some things to be grateful for. Obama and his flying monkeys have practically killed the Democrat Party as they are configured right now (although Republicans should note, one-party rule is not a healthy thing). They revealed the true, ugly face of leftism in Technicolor, and right-leaning people discovered they aren't alone ... that preference cascade that Instapundit talks about.

Veeshir said...

Clinton did pretty much the same thing, under him the Dems lost control of Congress for the first time in a bunch of decades.

The GOP always manages to let them back in the game though.

Of course, this time the GOP is nearly destroyed itself so if they try to help the Dems get back in power (by failure theater over Obamacare), we might see a third party (or a lot of tar and feathers).

Paco said...

I agree. The GOP might not know it, but Trump may wind up being their last chance.

rinardman said...

If (and that's a big if) Trump gets two terms, the Republicans will just be right back where they started, after he's gone. They're too arrogant and stupid to learn an obvious lesson, and they won't have anyone that can draw the Trump voters to their little establishment party. And after 4 to 8 years of Dimocrat media hack jobs on the Republican party, their approval ratings will be (even more) in the tank.

They'd better do their best, while they can.