Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday funnies

It's an Idaho thing: "Moose rescued after fall into Idaho basement".

Now there's hope for lonely orangutans: "Dutch orangutans test out computer dating".

(H/T to Mrs. Paco for the above two stories)

Things are pretty slow in Serov, Russia.

Elsewhere in Russia, it looks like vodka is still considered the breakfast of champions.

First impressions can sometimes be a little off.

The author of this biology textbook bailed just in time.

Now they tell us!


RebeccaH said...

If things ever come to a head with Russia, just airlift in several hundred thousand cases of vodka. War over.

bruce said...

Russians have always felt boxed in. They want free use of what they see as their backyard. They know they'll have to compromise but they want to drive the hardest deal they can. Hillary was going to box them in some more, like punishing a bear in a smaller and smaller cage: One day the bear will just go berserk if you do that.

bruce said...

The parts of Australia that the Dutch reached are still almost uninhabitable, the west and northwestern coastlines. The greener southeast where we all live is the most remote by sea from the west, they needed to develop better ships and navigation to reach it.

I wonder if you've ever heard of William Dampier, an English pirate, the first Brit to visit Australia. His swashbuckling trip began in Virginia:

Our family claims an ancestor among one of his crews, several were later sailors, that's how they got here. (Where's Old Sailor Man?)

Gregoryno6 said...

Orangutans using computers? Cultural appropriation!

Veeshir said...

How is Mrs Paco? I hope she's doing much better.

I love the "First Impressions" thing.

I picture Hanno the Navigator and his buds trying to talk to the gorillas.

Paco said...

V: That must have been a hilarious encounter (except, maybe not for the gorillas). Might be a toss-up as to which group represented the "lower" primates.

Paco said...

Oh, and Mrs. Paco is doing much better, thanks.