Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The price of liberty

Man, no sooner do we hand the Democrats a defeat and embarrass the RINOs than we face probably the most deadly enemy of them all: the deep state.

More from Adam Kredo at Washington Free Beacon.


Veeshir said...

Ah yes, the We're Better And Smarter Than You party.
They think destroying the rule of law is consequence-free.
Nobody's going to like the result of them asserting THEIR AUTHORITIE! Not even them.

Mike_W said...

Yeah, it really stinks.
Establishment GOP and the Democratic party, together with all the moles they've put in the FBI, CIA, NSA and government bureaucracy over the years, are working to destroy Trump's presidency.
Depressing watching all this crap.
It's like they are terrified what Trump might uncover if Trump is given a free minute or two to do anything but play defence.

They're lucky I'm not in charge.
I'd round up the usual suspects, water-board the lot of them to reveal the networks, then I'd hang all of the seditious bastards.

rinardman said...

I hope President Trump and his advisers figure out quickly that a Great Purge is needed. While my suggestion would be that old Soviet style purge, I'd be happy with having all of the wackos Obama hired replaced with normal people.

Mike_W said...

I don't believe it's just Obama and the Democrats, rinardman.
I reckon it's the NWO globalists, establishment GOP(who are on board with the globalists), together with the Democrats, all colluding to take Trump down.
They want to disarm you, divide you, destroy white, middle-class America and erase your borders; all part of the plan for a NWO.
And Trump's a fly in the ointment.

bruce said...

Ace suggests starting a global warming observation base in some remote part of Alaska where they all can be transferred. How can they refuse, it's to save the planet!

rinardman said...

Mike_W, I was thinking 'first things first'. He needs to get his own Executive Branch cleaned out first, then he can expand the purge to the other branches, as best he can. He's going to need a solid base, if he's going to take on the NWO, Dimocrats, Warmunists, and all the other wacko groups.

Deborah said...

Start draining the swamp by shooting a few gators? It's not Soviet style, but it sure is American.

Or he could use The Family's approach. "No one is disloyal to da family. Right, Vinnie?"

bruce said...

So the leakers broke the law but were 'wholly justified'? Seems to me that's rather a slippery slope, hasn't that occurred to them?

Minicapt said...

Keep in mind that the Dems owned the House from 1955 to 1995.