Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another reason we should be glad that Hillary lost the election

She may well have tapped her daughter to replace Michelle Obama as National Nutrition Nag, a post to which Chelsea would have been even more poorly suited than the former first lady.

Now, the very idea of spinach pancakes is something I find revolting. I don't know, maybe some of you like them. In any event, I checked out a recipe online, and this is what they're supposed to look like:

Chelsea Clinton turned her hand to cooking up a batch, and they came out like this:

The photo is from a Tweet Chelsea sent out. Her caption is cryptic: "we won't eat them all tonight although Charlotte would if we let her". Unless "Charlotte" is a cow or Popeye's little sister, I can't imagine anyone (or anything) devouring these things in one sitting - or ever, to be perfectly frank.

Twitchy had a field day with this Tweet, the best response coming from Bill Hanstock: "just my traditional midnight snack of a pile of iguanas".

I invite readers to caption the photo of Chelsea's tribute to National Pancake Day. My entries:

"Hey, the Creature from the Black Lagoon s**t on my plate!"

"Good job, Zeke. Looks like you got all the algae out of the horse trough."


Deborah said...

I'm keeping my mind open. There have been things that I refused for various reasons, only to find enjoyable later. I've liked spinach since childhood (thanks to Popeye), and have eaten things that many people find repulsive, but spinach pancakes.... Well, maybe like potato pancakes, a bit of sour cream and applesauce will do.

rinardman said...

"Aye, Captain Kirk, it's what the Bozorg of the Epsilon 4 system have for breakfast. If it doesn't eat them first!"

I dunno, spinach & pancakes just seem like two things that I would never want to see Hilliary Clinton and the Presidency.

bruce said...

It's life Jim, but...

Yeah the comparison with what they should look like is the apetite killer. Then the fact that the family is going to have to eat them as leftovers, omg. (Reheat them in a pan at least!)

Vege pasta has been around forever but soon to be rediscovered as a virtue signal, along with grains like millet which our ancestors used to live on. People used to subsitute inferior stuff for ingredients they couldn't get. Such as during war.

Mike_W said...

I'm with Deborah; spinach can be delicious.

The giant lump of algae covered manatee flipper appears to me to be the result of Chelsea getting impatient and just dumping half the batter into the frying pan, after cooking up some algae covered tortoises.

Popeye said...

I highly recommend them.
They're great with Olive Oyl and syrup.

RebeccaH said...

I commented elsewhere that Chelsea's spinach pancakes look like rotted tree fungus.

bruce said...

Mike is right, You have to be very patient to make nice pancakes. Impatience is also one way to describe what Hillary suffers from, extreme impatience.

Deborah said...

If these were crepes filled with deliciousness crafted by a good chef in a nice restaurant, they might be more enticing. It's the Clinton factor that is so off-putting. FYI Chelsea, cooking books doesn't make you ready for the kitchen.

SwampWoman said...

Well, bless her heart. I've added pumpkin puree to my pancake mix, added pumpkin pie spices, and served it to the grandkids with whipped cream. I've also done gingerbread pancakes. There's no way that they would eat spinach pancakes. They'd also be remarkably unenthusiastic about broccoli, kale, or green bean pancakes.

I'm not sure that even the chickens would be enthusiastic about trying spinach pancakes. And they eat things like spiders and roaches.

Don't get me wrong, I like spinach. Just not with maple syrup on top.