Friday, March 31, 2017

Furious George

A Drexel professor reaches for his barf-bag when a patriotic citizen gives up a seat on a plane to a soldier.
A Pennsylvania college professor said he wanted to "vomit" after an airline passenger gave up a first-class seat for a uniformed member of the armed forces, Heat Street reported.

Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, who was criticized last Christmas for saying the only gift he wanted was "white genocide", said he wanted to "yell about Mosul" when he saw the act of kindness on the plane.
There might be a slight chance that this idiot can recover some portion of good judgment and charity, but he, himself, must decide to take action:


Deborah said...

He couldn't make it through Basic Training. It would be nice to imbed him with a unit doing the heavy lifting, but we shouldn't inflict more on the them.

Why don't White cretins like this who call for the eradication of Whites start by going first. It's like Muslims who train others to be suicide bombers.

Drexel's response that it is protected speech and therefore without consequences is outrageous...but not unexpected.

Guess he doesn't know who protects that speech.

rinardman said...

Oh, for the old days before social media, when a clown like this would have never been heard from, and would have lived in the obscurity he deserved.

Veeshir said...

You got it Deborah.
Which is sorta funny considering his 'side' doesn't want me to even have free speech.
He gave up his seat in a 'smug and self-congratultory gesture' said the fool.
He assumes that because this fool does everything in a smug and self-congratulatory way.
Including crapping on our troops and those who support them.

RebeccaH said...

We had a professor at my university who was sort of like this. It was before "white privilege" and race got to be such a monster, but this man was hateful to everybody he met, and he screamed at me more than once over trivial things. Eventually he died of a stroke, and I don't think anybody from the university went to his funeral.